Parking often takes as much space in cities, as the destinations that attract cars. Parking is therefore perhaps one of the most forgotten yet most impactful domains of city policy that affect traffic flow and accessibility – or in other words quality of life - in cities today. At EasyPark we take pride in delivering on our vision of making cities more liveable through improving the efficiency of how our public spaces are managed.

While the vision is our directional guide in decision-making, our values tell us how we do it. We love the future more than the past, so change comes naturally to us. We dream big but start small, knowing that big dreams require incredible workmanship and attention to detail. We think fortune favours the brave, so we dare to dream, we dare to act. We dare to try things and we dare to experiment. We dare to be different. We take pride in what we have achieved but we stay humble.

We try to have decisions made as close to the customer as possible and by whoever has the best understanding, not by role or by hierarchy. We believe that we are all talented human beings and we treat each other accordingly and trust our colleagues to act in the best interest of the company. We are all role models and need to care for the well-being of the whole.

Finally, we are cost-conscious. We are here as servants of our vision, and we chose to serve here knowing that we are here for the company and its customers. We try to do more than others with fewer resources. This forces us to come up with different ideas and work smarter and consequently better.