On August 29 we detected unauthorized activity in some internal systems. As soon as we became aware of the activity, we immediately took action and initiated an investigation, as well as implemented relevant mitigation measures. 

Despite us being quick, the unauthorized party managed to access some EasyPark customers' basic information (such as names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers). We have no evidence of sensitive data such as payment details being compromised.

At EasyPark we are dedicated to ensure that our products provide customers with the best possible experience. We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the security of our customers' information, and we put a lot of pride in their trust. Therefore we deeply regret this situation.

We are reporting the incident to relevant authorities. We are also reviewing our ways of working with support from leading third-party cybersecurity experts, to make sure we have the best solutions and processes in place. Rest assured that we are taking all the necessary precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Affected customers will be contacted within the next couple of days.