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15 Jul 2021

EasyPark and Volvo partners up for new parking features

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08 Jul 2021

EasyPark launches new offer – digital prediction of parking behaviour

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01 Jun 2021

EasyPark Group’s acquisition of PARK NOW Group is complete

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06 May 2021

Easypark expands the possibilities for electric car charging - now with InCharge in the app

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09 Mar 2021

BMW Group and Daimler Mobility intend to sell PARK NOW Group to EasyPark Group

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03 Mar 2021

EasyPark acquires e24’s parking service in Switzerland and makes finding and paying for parking easier

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15 Feb 2021

The EasyPark app is now available for Apple CarPlay

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10 Feb 2021

EasyPark teams up with Recharge, increasing its coverage for electric vehicle charging in the Nordics

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14 Jan 2021

EasyPark acquires Parkimeter, adding capabilities and expert knowledge on parking bookings

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05 Nov 2020

EasyPark and Polestar launches a unique cooperation with the aim to automate your parking payments

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07 Sep 2020

Norwegian city of Bergen and hi tech mobility launches new cooperation with EasyPark

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02 Sep 2020

EasyPark reaches milestone: over 2,000 cities and operators now offer its parking services

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20 Jul 2020

EasyPark receives the award “Best managed companies” by Deloitte

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23 Mar 2020

Swedish competition authority approves EasyPark’s acquisition of Inteleon

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19 Feb 2020

EasyPark launches new European parking pass

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05 Feb 2020

EasyPark strengthens operations in Spain

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20 Jan 2020

EasyPark Group acquires e-park

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08 Jan 2020

EasyPark to provide seamless in-car parking payments to Mercedes-Benz

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31 Jan 2017

​Making cars smarter: EasyPark and Telenor

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22 Feb 2016

EasyPark continues to innovate with the connected car concept alongside SEAT and SAP Vehicles Network

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